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These are activities strategically designed with the aim of promoting motivation, team spirit, creativity, facilitating conflict resolution and developing organizational and communication strategies, thus enhancing work efficiency and, consequently, increasing productivity.

To hold a meeting or event with the employees of your company or to integrate this activity in a weekend of training, work and energizing teams, you will find in ComVida Quiaios the ideal place in the available indoor and outdoor spaces and in the surrounding nature: mountains / sea.

In addition, we offer, in partnership with other local entities, a set of outdoor activities (paintball, extreme activities, tree climbing, climbing, among others) that can be carried out simultaneously and that provide new experiences, relationships and a lot of entertainment.

The programs can be organized by ComVida Quiaios or the space can be given (total or partial).

ComVida Quaios has a team that takes care of all the details, putting at your disposal a wide range of spaces, with a quality, modern and pleasant decoration. All of these factors will make a difference at your company’s event, at your personal party or at a family gathering.

ComVida Quiaios has excellent conditions for holding retreats due to its natural and tranquilizing surroundings, the multiplicity and versatility of the facilities and equipment available.

The 4500m² fenced outdoor pine forest and the remaining accessible gardens make it possible to gather the group in the same space or small groups in different areas, inviting reflection on a morning stroll until the end of the afternoon.

The planning of activities is always thought out and prepared in detail with the group’s organization, in order to ensure the environment of tranquility and privacy they need.

ComVida Quiaios ensures exclusivity in the use of space for the group during the period of the meeting.

If you want to organize a lunch or dinner to gather your employees, associates, family or friends, ComVida Quiaios allows several programs, rooms and spaces for this purpose.

In terms of general organization of the event (space and meals) or just the provision of spaces, we have the ideal solution for you.

The panoramic terrace of ComVida Quiaios, combined with a menu of refinement and quality, are the perfect combination to make this moment unique!

If you want to organize a birthday party, ComVida Quiaios has the ideal spaces for a fun and safe time.

We offer several programs and menus depending on the type of party and preferences of the birthday boy (children, youth, adults), combining animation, culture and nature.

If you have a company, celebrate the anniversary of its creation, having here an excellent opportunity to bring your employees together in a moment of conviviality and relationship.

The Senior Vacation Colonies are 5-day programs, strategically thought out and planned, with the objective of enhancing a time of leisure, sharing and different living for their recipients.

In a full pension regime it offers a program of multivariate activities that will make each week a moment of full relationship, conviviality and well-being.

ComVida Quiaios contributes in this way to the occupation and animation of the senior population, promoting active and healthy aging.

We invite public and private institutions and associations that work with the senior population to come and spend a week with us.

In partnership with other local entities, ComVida Quiaios also offers its customers a wide range of activities, such as:

All activities are designed and planned according to the objectives of the company, group, family or individual.

With about 650m² and 11 different spaces it is a very fun and accessible activity for all ages ..

Surrounded by green spaces in harmony with nature, it is perfect for gatherings of companies, families, children, young people and adults.

ComVida Quiaios customers can enjoy a walk by the sea, in the mountains or on the paths of Quiaios with the new bikes that are at their disposal.